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  • Emma Venables

What is the best colour to use for your logo design and branding?

Updated: May 4, 2021

How much do you know about colour psychology? When it comes to your branding and your logo, have you given it much thought?

When thinking about branding, it’s worth considering the effect that colour has over us as humans, both consciously and unconsciously. Understanding the psychology of colour means that we can harness the emotions and reactions that it evokes.

Have you ever wondered why so many logos are either red or blue, or a combination of both? It’s not by accident.

Let’s dive in and examine a few common colours.

Blue is the colour of authority

Brands that make use of the colour blue, promote feelings of calm and trust in their customers, and present themselves as being authoritative in their industry. Blue is one of the most widely used colours in logo design, because it implies a seriousness and professionalism as well as integrity and dependability.

Red stands for power and energy

It is the colour of passion, urgency and excitement and can often compel people to buy – think of those big flash sale adverts. Many fast food brands also use this colour, as red has also been found to simulate appetite.

Purple adds a bit of mystery and luxury

If you’re looking to add a more luxurious feel to your branding, it may be worth considering purple as the way to go. Think of the luxurious feel it gives to chocolate brands and how this is used throughout their marketing. It is the colour of sophistication, royalty and grandeur, and conjures up images of great things, for those looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Purple is also associated with the mysterious, giving a vibe of unusual things and creativity.

Orange is uplifting and fun

Use orange to create a feeling of cheerfulness, optimism and fun. It can be a little bit playful and often has associations with youth and affordability.

Yellow is full of optimism

Brands that use yellow are warm, friendly and enthusiastic – they want to put a smile on the customers’ faces. Yellow can sometimes be linked to signs of warning or caution, so use carefully throughout any designs.

Green is linked to growth and balance

Often used by organic or ethical companies, looking to reinforce their connection with nature, green is a good choice to promote feelings of healthiness and balance.

Black adds elegancy and prestige

Black is commonly associated with power and prestige. Adding elegance to any design, it evokes feelings of sophistication and luxury. What’s better than a Gold credit card? A Black one of course! The best-of-the-best, when only high-end will do.

Remember, there will be cultural differences in the ways different colours are interpreted across the world, so keep this in mind if you have big plans!

What does your brand colour say about your business? Have you given it much thought?

If you’d like help with logo design, you can download a free blueprint with further key points to consider here.

Emma Venables


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