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Case Studies

Case Study – BWS Removals
Brand Identity, Literature and Direct Mail

The Client

BWS Removals are a North Somerset based logistics and supply chain company with over 15 years of experience covering the whole of the UK. As well as offering a high quality removals service, they also offer secure storage, packing services, appliance installation and waste management.


The Challenge

With the influx of cheap and cheerful ‘man and van’ services in the area, BWS Removals needed a brand identity that would elevate them above the typical ‘race to the bottom’ marketing, and would allow them to attract a higher end, more affluent audience who were looking for a more premium and quality service. The brand and marketing materials needed to convey the importance of the extra services clients receive when they book BWS Removals – the affiliation with Move Assured, Insurances, Covers & Protection and a highly personable customer-focussed attitude.


The Solution

The process began by looking at brand values – what the company wanted to be known for, and importantly, how they wanted customers to feel when working with them. Starting the process here, meant that important psychological aspects such as colour could be considered, with navy blue promoting the feeling of trust, safety and security.


Right from the start, it was decided that a strong strapline was needed to help differentiate from the competition. “Relocating you the RIGHT way” was perfect because not only did it have connotations towards the industry anyway (right way up), it perfectly positions the company as experts in their field, ahead of the competition.


The logo icon is a deliberately ambiguous row of houses / right way up arrows which are a fantastic graphic element to use when rolling the brand identity out across the marketing materials that followed. Various stationery, flyers and other literature was designed, all following the strong brand guidelines (which the client now also has in place for future use) for a professional and consistent look.


The Outcome

BWS Removals now have a strong brand identity which is instantly recognisable and stands out against the ubiquitous ‘van and man’ model. Success rates for our targeted direct mail postcard campaign were particularly strong, seeing a 19% response rate, with the customer reporting up to 90% conversion from all enquiries, which is testament to the high quality service they provide at all levels.

Postcard Direct Mail Design
Flyer Design
BWS Removals Logo Design

Mike Straughan, Director said:


“My web designer raved about the branding work Emma does. All I can say is he wasn’t wrong.


Emma has taken my company and turned it into a brand, which makes us look more professional and will be something that people will recognise. She was always on hand to offer her professional opinion and kept me up to date as each step was completed."

Client Journey – Jill Cowles, Colour Therapist
Book design project

The Client

"I am Jill Cowles of Jellybean Solutions and I’m a Professionally Registered Advanced Colour Therapist. I’m absolutely passionate about colour and as well as enjoying seeing colour – I’ve seen what the amazing power of colour can do and I want other people to find out how to enjoy a happy and healthy life.


I help people learn how to tap into the coloured wavelengths of light to support and enhance their physical health and also how to use colour to understand and improve their emotional and mental wellbeing."

The Challenge

"When we came out of lockdown, I found myself struggling – feeling anxious and wary – things I hadn’t expected to feel, and I really had to make myself get out and about again. It changed my perspective and I became much more selective about what I do and where I go. When it came to work, not talking to people face-to-face and not embracing Zoom actually gave me the time and space to think about how I share my passion for colour so I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to write a book.


I was really happy to have written it – I felt very proud of myself – and then I just didn’t know what to do with it! There I was with all the chapters written and the images to go with the text and absolutely no idea how to turn a Word document into an actual book.


When someone says you can do anything you can set your mind to, all I’d say is, I don’t agree! I’m very aware of my skills and talents and book design just ain’t one of them! I knew that I had two choices. I could either find someone to help me or just leave it lurking in my laptop so I reached out to Emma."

The Solution

"It was a really big decision for me to go to someone else for help, part frustration that I couldn't do it myself and part worry about if I could afford it (have you seen the price of self-publishing companies) but I’ve known Emma for a while through local business network meetings and we’d also met professionally when we both did some work for a local businessman who has high standards and quite hard to please and he was really happy with her work.


So I got in touch and we had a very nice coffee and chat. She was so calm and reassuring – a perfect foil for my mix of excitability and anxiousness – and she just 'got me’. Once I’d sent her the draft of my book she sent me her quote and I just knew that I couldn’t afford not to user her services, Emma was clearly just the person I needed to help me.


As soon as I pressed the send button accepting her quote I felt such a massive relief, like a weight had been lifted and that my book was actually going to become a reality.

From the outset I knew exactly when the work was scheduled to start and the timeline for it to be finished and all the things she needed from me which gave me time to get organised."


The Outcome

"The great thing is that when it came to the print stage, I just left it to Emma to sort everything out and I didn’t have to think about print layouts and crop marks and everything else I didn’t quite understand. Oh I can’t tell you the relief!


There is something extremely comforting about working with someone with whom you can establish an easy yet professional and effective working relationship. I was so happy that I have since produced a second book with Emma’s help which is a testament to how much I trust and value her.

Emma, I can’t thank you enough for helping me make my dream come true and I’ll never be able to put into words how I felt when my printed books were delivered. I’m selling them, I’ve been featured in a well-known magazine, I’m doing talks and do consultations with people on Zoom! Emma … thank you."

Jill's client journey working with Emma jayne creative
Book design, cover and page layout design

Jill said:


"Emma, I can’t thank you enough for helping me make my dream come true and I’ll never be able to put into words how I felt when my printed books were delivered.


I’m selling them, I’ve been featured in a well-known magazine and I’m doing talks and consultations with people on Zoom! Emma … thank you."

Book Cover Design

For more information or to purchase
Jill's books, head over to her website.

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Audio Version: Jill Cowles, Colour Therapist, on what a difference working with
Emma jayne creative made to her.

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