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  • Emma Venables

5 things you should stop doing if you want your brand to succeed

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

It's hard starting up a new business, and even harder keeping things moving in the right direction! When 60% of businesses fail within the first 3 years, running your own company can feel like an uphill struggle at the best of times! Here are five things you should stop doing if you want to help your brand to succeed:

Business branding and social media icons
Consistency across social media platforms can help your brand

1. Comparing yourself to others

Nothing brings on imposter syndrome faster than comparing yourself to other people. How do you know, they haven’t been doing this for ten years already? How do you know that this isn’t their 3rd attempt at a business? What about everyone who’s just starting up, wishing that they could be where you are now, with all your experience? We're all in our own race, at a different place and different pace to each other. Be kind to yourself.

2. Working for free

Working for exposure doesn't pay the bills. It's also questionable just how effective that exposure will be anyway. Unless you’re getting mentioned by an A-list celebrity, those page shares and mentions probably aren’t going to do too much for your brand. Not to the extent that getting paid would anyway!

Don't undervalue yourself and work for free, because it's extremely difficult to raise your prices when the clients you're attracting are used to paying next to nothing. Value yourself and the skills you've taken the time to perfect. Of course, if there’s a cause that’s close to your heart, then you can certainly choose to donate your time, but be selective about how and when.

3. Being inconsistent online

You need to show up every day to build your brand. Let people see who you are and what you're up to. You can't build up a brand if no one knows you're there. That means posting regularly on your social channels and getting involved with other people’s posts too. Get your name out there so that people can remember you when they need your service.

4. Mixing up your branding

Brand guidelines are there for a reason. With a little consistency and persistence, people will get to know you by the style of what you put out. Consistently using your brand colours, font and tone will do wonders. If every time you post anything, it looks completely different, people won’t make the connection between you and your brand. No one wants their efforts to be wasted!

5. Not having a clear offering

Is it clear what people can buy from you and how they can buy it? Make sure your online presence isn't confusing or unclear, and give them a clear call to action. Look at your social channels with fresh eyes. Is it obvious what you do? How can people get in touch or make an order? Get a friend to look over your website if need be and see if they can easily find what they’re looking for.

Getting organised and taking small steps every day will help you to create a snowball effect, building up success for you and your brand. If you need help with creating a new brand from scratch, or refreshing your current brand so that it attracts the right people, get in touch at for a chat.


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