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  • Emma Venables

Why your flyers aren't converting and what to do about it

Updated: May 4, 2021

So You've got shiny new flyers to help spread the word about your wonderful business. You've put something together, telling the world how wonderful you are, deliver them and then… Crickets! So what could be going wrong? We are going to find out…

Direct mail flyer designed for local Weston based business.
Direct mail flyer designed for local Weston based business

Culprit Number 1 – too much text like waaay too much text. I know it's tempting to tell people about every single thing that you do but people don't like reading a wall of text – they'll switch off. Remember less is more.

Culprit Number 2 – Are you grabbing their attention? Did you put a big version of your logo at the top? Tempting as this is take it off right this instant! You need a short and snappy attention-grabbing headline. What would make you take notice, if the leaflet dropped onto your doormat? You would probably stop in your tracks if it related to an issue you are having right now wouldn't you? Which leads me to my next point...

Culprit Number 3 – You're talking about features not benefits. Your wonderful products and services might be amazing… But what will it do for your customers? What benefits will it bring for them? What pain points does it solve for them RIGHT NOW? You really want people to have an emotional response. If you struggle with writing, think about hiring a copywriter to get this right for you – it's key.

Culprit Number 4 – Images. It's worth investing in some good high-quality images that will grab peoples attention and show off your services and products in the best possible light. Nothing screams unprofessional more than seeing a blocky low resolution (pixelated) photo. There's lots of really good royalty-ree stock image libraries out there to now, so it needn't cost the Earth. Also, camera phones are amazing now – there's really no excuse!

Culprit Number 5 – No call to action. What exactly do you want your ideal customers to do once they've read your wonderful flyer? Call you? Visit your website? Book an appointment? Make sure there's a nice big call to action at the bottom, naturally guiding people to the next step. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes not having one!

So there you have it. Five awesome tips you can put into action right away and get your marketing materials working for you much more effectively.


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