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  • Emma Venables

What deliverables will I get when you design my logo or artwork?

When commissioning design work, it's really important to ask your designer if you will receive high resolution PDFs and/or vector files if logo designs are included.

Make sure you know what files you will receive once the project is finalised. Always know what you are paying for. High resolution PDF's are ideal because you can pass these onto a printer to reproduce for you with no compatibility issues; fonts and images are all embedded and nothing will move around the page.

If you have design software on your computer, you may also be able to purchase the original design software files to make edits yourself, but this really isn't necessary if you don't want the expense of purchasing software. Any printer will print from a print-ready PDF.

When it comes to logo files, always look for a vector EPS file to be included as a minimum. This is a high quality original file, which although you may not be able to open directly (unless you have the software), you will invariably need in the future for using within your print projects, to able able to scale your logo infinitely and for printing onto certain products.


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