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  • Emma Venables

The 7 irresistible benefits of hiring a freelancer

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The 7 irresistible benefits of hiring a freelancer Infographic
The 7 Irresistible benefits of hiring a freelancer Infographic

You may be wondering what the benefits are of hiring a freelancer over a full time or part time member of staff, or even over engaging with a big agency instead. Read on to discover the top reasons why working with a freelancer should be top of your list.

1. Low risk.

You can hire a freelancer for a small task to begin with to make sure you work well together, with little risk or financial commitment.

2. Pay as you go.

No need to hire permanent members of staff that you don’t always have tasks for; simply pay as and when you have a project.

3. Affordability.

With low overheads, freelancers can be more affordable with their rates than large agencies.

4. Expert knowledge and efficiency.

Due to the nature of freelancing, your freelancer will have picked up a variety of expert knowledge, gained across a variety of projects, and will be able to hit the ground running with speed and efficiency.

5. Flexibility for last minute deadlines.

Freelancers have much more flexibility to move their own diaries around, enabling them to accommodate last minute projects.

6. No need to pay holiday or sick pay.

Only pay for the job you need. Freelancers take care of their own holiday and sick pay costs, so you don’t have to worry about the extra expense or admin.

7. Space.

No need to make extra space in your office or to buy new equipment; freelancers have their own and often work from home.

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