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  • Emma Venables

New brand unleashed on the pitch

Updated: May 4, 2021

It was fantastic this week to see my client Nexus Group, sponsoring local team Bristol City Football Club in a three year partnership. It’s always a privilege to see any design work I have produced, out there in the world for all to see, and this is no exception.

Nexus Group are a national company, specialising in recruitment and the sourcing of management talent, with a dedicated resourcing team. They recently asked me for help in refreshing their identity, where we embarked on a complete rebrand, encompassing both Nexus as well as sister company Novus.

The resulting logo is a dynamic and modern icon, representing both the literal ‘N’ of Nexus and Novus, as well as the links which the business creates between companies. A modern typeface was used to complement the icon, as well as bright branding colours (blue for Nexus and Green for Novus respectively).

The new logo and branding for Bristol based Nexus, designed by emma jayne creative, design agency located in Weston-super-Mare
New logo and branding for Nexus

I’m really excited to see my design work out there on the pitch, and who knows, maybe if promotion is secured, exposure to an even greater audience!

See the article here:


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