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  • Emma Venables

Freelance Graphic Designer VS Agency Designer. What's better?

Freelance Designer VS Agency Designer – which should you use and what are the pros and cons? Read on to find out more.

Freelance designers are often specialists in their niche

Many freelance designers are specialists in what they do. They've decided to niche down and only deal with a certain aspect of design, whereas an agency often deals with multiple outputs (print, web, social media), so may not be specialists in any one thing.

As a freelance designer myself, I stick to what I know I’m great at (print design), and leave the digital stuff for other specialists. If I can’t do a project justice, I won’t take it on!

Account handlers vs direct communication

When you work with a freelancer, you speak directly to the designer – there are no account handlers so no risk of your instructions being lost in translation. In agencies, you’ll often find dedicated account handlers, especially in the larger ones.

This means you will need to speak to them, rather than the designer about your requirements and you may get regular calls to check in with you regarding any future projects you may be thinking about doing.

Do you value flexibility? A more flexible approach to their schedule means freelancers are more likely to be able to accommodate those last minute tweaks. On the other hand, an agency will be systematic with project scheduling so you may have to plan further ahead.

Small business owners are passionate! If you work with a freelance designer, just know that Graphic Design is their absolute passion (that’s why they’ve started their own business doing it!), so you know they will do your project justice. A great outcome means more to them – it’s literally the lifeblood of their business, as good reviews and referrals mean more customers will find them.

Building relationships

When you work with a freelance designer, you’ll work with the same person each time, meaning a close partnership is formed – they become passionate about your brand and one of the team! In an agency, you'll be building your relationship with your account handler, who will get to know all about your business and future plans.

Does the design agency have a good work culture?

Remember that designers in an agency are employed to do their job and go home, as opposed to working to build a close ongoing partnership with the business they’re designing for. How the designer feels about their current employer may determine how passionate they are about the project.

Whichever type of designer you choose to use, small or large, make sure you check out their reviews and work samples to ensure a great fit for you and your business!

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